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FAQ’s on Whiplash

What is Whiplash?


Whiplash is the name given to a condition whereby the soft tissues at the back of the neck are damaged and become extremely painful following a sudden force impact or trauma. The muscles and tendons in the neck are incredibly sensitive and do not respond well to sudden or extreme movements in any direction.

Millions of cases of whiplash are diagnosed every year in the US alone, and the condition is one of the most common injuries associated with road traffic accidents.


What Causes Whiplash?


As mentioned above, the most common cause of whiplash cases across the US today is the rear traffic accident. Tests have shown that a collision at as little as 15mph can lead to painful and debilitating whiplash.

There are also dozens of other everyday accidents and incidents that can lead to whiplash, which common examples including sports injuries, repetitive strain, slips, trips, falls and physical assault. It is also possible to suffer whiplash at an amusement park on a roller coaster or other ride!

What Treatment Plans Help with Whiplash?


The vast majority of whiplash cases are 100% treatable and a full recovery can be made. However, approximately 15% go on to chronic pain; although, appropriate treatment with Seattle pain management doctors can avoid this from happening.

Common treatment options available to whiplash vitcimes include:


  • Ice packs applied at regular intervals
  • Chiropractic and Physical Therapy
  • Pain relieving medications
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Use of a collar or neck brace to reduce pressure and limit head movement
  • Trigger point injections
  • Facet Injections
  • Radiofrequency Ablation

Treatment will be determined by the nature of the case and its severity, along with the age and general health of the patient. In some cases there may be underlying health issues or prior injuries that make the whiplash more difficult to treat and the approach will be modified accordingly by the doctor.


What is the Prognosis of Whiplash?


The good news is that about 90% of all cases of whiplash do not leave the affected individual with any permanent pain, discomfort or damage. The top Seattle pain management doctors, such as those at Seattle Pain Relief, offer individualized treatment options which are extremely effective for whiplash victims.


Most insurance is accepted at Seattle Pain Relief along with personal injury liens for those who have been involved in an auto accident. Call (206) 536-3007 for pain management Seattle trusts for whiplash!