How to Get Over a Year of Back Pain Relief Nonoperatively

04 Aug How to Get Over a Year of Back Pain Relief Nonoperatively

When looking at nonoperative back pain treatments, most only provide a few weeks to a few months of relief. What Seattle back pain doctors have been searching for are nonoperative treatments that provide long-term pain relief.

Thankfully, this treatment now exists with radiofrequency ablation. This treatment is also called radiofrequency neurotomy, radiofrequency lesioning, medial branch neurotomy and others. However, they all refer to the same treatment.Low Back pain photo

Here are the basics of how it works. Each spinal joint, called a facet joint, receives sensation from tiny nerve endings. These are called medial branches, and come off of the nerve roots to provide sensation to each joint. They have no motor function whatsoever.

Initially, an injection around those tiny nerve endings is performed with numbing medicine and some steroid to see if that joint is the source of your pain. This is called a medial branch block.

That procedure is both diagnostic and therapeutic, it may provide three months on average of pain relief. When the relief wears off, the patient may go on to have a radiofrequency ablation procedure.

This involves heating up and deadening those medial branch nerve endings around the

Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation

Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation

affected joint. It takes about 45 minutes and is an exceptionally low risk procedure.
Studies have shown that the RFA has a success rate of 85% for long-term back pain relief averaging over 15 months. Additional studies have shown that if the pain relief wears off, it can be repeated with the same expectation of a great outcome.

Radiofrequency ablation has been one of the most revolutionary advancements for back pain relief in the 21st century. It has helped many patients avoid the need for potentially risky surgery, while increasing function and allowing individuals to get back to work, increased recreational activities and playing with the kids and grandkids.

The top Seattle pain management doctors at Seattle Pain Relief offer radiofrequency ablation for those suffering from chronic back or neck pain. Most insurance is accepted, with over 80% of patients achieving excellent outcomes.

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