Facial Pain Treatment at Seattle Pain Center

08 Jul Facial Pain Treatment at Seattle Pain Center

What is Facial Pain?

Facial pain is any pain experienced on the face including the eyes, forehead and mouth. Although headache and injuries are the primary cause, facial pain can also be caused by other medical conditions. The main causes of the facial pains are not that harmful, but it good to consult a doctor at the Seattle pain management clinic if the situation seems unexplainable.

What are the Causes of Facial Pain?

Nerve damage or an infection can be a major cause facial pain. The most common causes include:
facial pain2
• Headache
• Facial injury
• Oral infections Abscess
• Skin abscess
• Ulcers (open wound)
• Dental problems – including tooth decay and bite disorders
• Neuralgia
• Earache
• Neck problems
• TMJ disorders
• Eye problems

Most severe causes of facial pain includes:
• Sinusitis (sinus infections)
• Herpes zoster (shingles)
• Migraine
• Nerve disorders

Pain may be described as achy, stabbing or cramp-like. Pain from other body parts can also spread or radiate to the face.

What are the Symptoms of Facial Pain?

The nature of pain experienced will depend on its cause. Contact your pain management doctor in Seattle if you experience symptoms such as:
• Dull throbbing around your mouth and side of your face
• Aching or pressure underneath the eyes and front of the cheekbones
• Stabbing sensation around your face
Pain may also result from many other causes, if you experience unbearable or unexplainable pain, contact your doctor.

What are the diagnoses of facial pain?

In diagnosing facial pain, the doctor will perform imaging tests such MRI scan or X-ray. These are helpful in diagnosing problems in the tissues, muscles and the bones. An X-ray can also help to examine the sinuses.

The Seattle pain management clinic can take blood samples to test for a particular infection. This is done by drawing blood from your arm.

If the symptoms reveal eye dysfunctional or if your pain management doctor in Seattle suspects other severe conditions, additional tests may be recommended. They include;
• Dental X-rays (done when the tooth is suspected to be the root problem)
• EGG(taken if there are any heart problems suspected)
• Tonometry
• Glaucoma
• Neurological test will be done if nerve damage happens to be a problem.

What are the treatments Options for Facial Pain?

facial pain pictureFacial pain goes away once it is diagnosed and treated. The major causes determine the facial treatments. Pain caused by infections such as sinusitis may disappears after taking antibiotics. Facial pain caused by viral infections such as shingles can disappear without treatment after a few days or weeks. However, antiviral medications such as Val acyclovir and acyclovir can shorten the rash duration.

When the pain is caused by an oral condition, the dentist can treat it by doing root canal or by pulling out the tooth. Pain caused by migraines or cluster of headaches can also be cured by over-the-counter relief drugs.

An anticonvulsant medication such as the one used for epilepsy is often used. It helps to reduce pain by slowing nerve impulses and normally takes between 2 to 3 days to achieve successful results. For more serious cases, an operation can be administered to ease pressure from the trigeminal nerve.

Apparently, over the counter drugs does not treat all facial pain caused by headaches. In this case, the pain management doctor in Seattle can prescribe strong medication to offer pain relief. Any person experiencing facial pain conditions should visit a Seattle pain center to get the best medications.

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