Five Ways Seattle Pain Relief Will Get Rid of Your Back Pain

12 Feb Five Ways Seattle Pain Relief Will Get Rid of Your Back Pain

Up to 90% of individuals will experience back pain at some point, which may occur from degeneration of the joints or spinal discs, or it may be due to soft tissue injury or a compression fracture.

No matter what the cause, the 21st century offers incredibly effective options for relieving your pain at a top Seattle pain management clinic. Back pain Seattle

1. The first option for relief would be medication management. This may include over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or Tylenol, or possibly some short-term muscle relaxers or opiates. Whichever the case, medications may allow patients to become active again and not have to stay in bed.

2. The second option for those suffering from back pain may include bracing or a Tens unit. Short-term bracing can dramatically reduce the back pain one is experiencing, while a Tens unit is a device about the size of an iPod that emits light electrical impulses through foam pads on the skin.The Tens unit may alter the way the brain perceives back pain signals. Together, bracing and a TENS unit can be exceptional for achieving relief.

3. The third option for back pain relief is injections, including trigger point or medial branch blocks. These procedures can decrease spasms, aching and the sharp pain being experienced. Along with medial branch blocks, facet injections would also be part of this regimen.

4. Epidural steroid injections have been a gold standard treatment for sciatica for decades. If a person is simply having back pain, then epidurals are not the answer. However, if there is a leg pain component from a pinched nerve, then an epidural steroid injection or a series of them has between a 75% to 90% effectiveness rate.Radiofrequency Ablation Seattle

5. The fifth option for long-term back pain relief would be a radiofrequency ablation. This procedure is performed as an outpatient and involves heating up and deadening the small sensory nerve endings supplying the joints of the back. Several studies have shown the effectiveness rate for radiofrequency ablation to be over 75%, with the average relief exceeding 15 months.

A repeat procedure has been shown to achieve the same outcome.
All in all, the Board Certified Seattle pain management doctors at the practice achieve over a 90% good to excellent results with the above treatments.

Most insurance is accepted at the practice including PPOs, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, personal injury, some Medicaid as well. Call (855) WASH-PAIN for more information and scheduling.

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